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Automated cross-border e-commerce processes – The case of international VAT compliance

10:40 25 minutes roundtable Roundtable 8
Madeline Hirt Taxdoo

Value-added tax (VAT) applies to the provision of all goods and services and is an integral part of retail business. Which is why VAT compliance is a key issue for online merchants. Due to frequent regulatory changes and to the high number of individual transactions that need to be processed to be VAT compliant, automation is key when designing cross-border e-commerce processes.

Madeline Hirt, Partner Manager at Taxdoo, invites you to discuss the new VAT regulations every online merchant should know, the challenges the OSS (One-Stop-Shop) has created and how you can handle your VAT processes safely and automatically with Taxdoo in the future.

Madeline Hirt

Madeline Hirt


With many years of experience in international sales and e-commerce, Madeline is a professional in her field. As Partner Manager at Taxdoo, she brings online retailers and e-commerce agencies closer to Europe-wide VAT compliance in online trade and gives insights into the legally compliant handling of VAT processes in cross-border trade.

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