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Customer Service Data is your Hidden Goldmine: 3 actionable ways to drive customer satisfaction

14:55 25 minutes roundtable Roundtable 17
Benoit Gagnon Miuros (ism Dixa)

Happy customers spend more, with 89% saying they’re more likely to make another purchase after a positive experience. Customer expectations are rapidly evolving, gaining that positive experience at scale can be a challenge. Learn how to leverage your data to build better experiences, motivate agents, and unlock insights to drive limitless customer satisfaction.

Benoit Gagnon

Benoit Gagnon

Miuros (ism Dixa)

Benoit is passionate about helping brands develop and scale their customer service teams. With over two decades in CX, working for companies of all sizes in a variety of different industries – he co-founded Miuros! Embedding his love for data and problem-solving at the core of the company’s mission, he’s a true Customer Service expert.

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