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Don’t give your customers great experiences, give them their experiences

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Pieter Van den Broecke Manhattan Associates

Just knowing your customer is not enough and the question retailers should ask themselves is not, “Do I know my customer?” but rather, “Does that what I know about my customer helps me to ensure my promise to him/her is fulfilled?” Listen to when, where and how your customers shop.
Pieter will share innovative insights into Customer Engagement, which combines unstructured insight, like social conversations (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) within the same view as real-time customer orders, transaction history, and tendency data.

Pieter Van den Broecke

Pieter Van den Broecke

Manhattan Associates

Pieter holds this position at Manhattan Associates since 2008. Coming from a supply chain and logistics background he like no other understands the challenges retailers face in today’s dynamic omni-channel landscape where consumers are in the driver seat and running your supply chain. They want a personalised experience, you need a profitable business.

Before joining Manhattan Associates, he held various positions at i2 Technologies, a supply chain management software supplier. Pieter Van den Broecke fulfilled the positions of Senior Director Retail EMEA, Director Solution Consulting and Director Product Management.

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