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Painless integration with ERP systems

15:30 25 minutes Roundtable 21
Sergey Lysak Eltrino

Painless integration with ERP systems: An overwhelming number of companies use just 60% of their ERPs functions. So to make ERP integration cost-effective you need to narrow options which are required for your business and what data needs to be incorporated into the ERP.

But how to choose enterprise resource planning software that directly meets your eCommerce needs and integrate it properly with your web platform, internal, external systems or other enterprise applications.

Sergey Lysak

Sergey Lysak


Sergey was working at Magento (Varien at that moment) since 2007, was involved into Magento Core development at the early stage of the project. In March 2011 he left Magento company and together with two other co-founders established Eltrino. Eltrino team serves B2C & B2B web stores on Magento and Shopify by delivering the most advanced eCommerce solutions – front-end and back-end development, integrations & functional improvements, custom modules & extensions, eCommerce consulting and managed services.

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