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What is a high performing Re-platforming procedure? And what can you gain from this?

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Mariëlle De Silva De Freitas foryouandyourcustomers

Re-platforming procedures are often seen as time consuming and costly. Also in many cases it doesn’t even take the business requirements into account, instead it solely focuses on technical requirements. But how can you have a clear view on your technical requirements if you don’t know what your customer needs, or what the business wants to achieve the end goal?

What would you say if we told you that your Re-platforming can be turned around quickly so you can start implementation as soon as possible to gain business value?

Mariëlle De Silva De Freitas

Mariëlle De Silva De Freitas


For more than a decade, I have been developing myself as a Global Shopper Marketing expert at various Multinationals. Now it has become my goal to share my knowledge, and help you reach your objectives. How? By helping you understand your customers’ needs, and transform these into pragmatic strategies for implementation, whether it’s transformation, global expansion, or communication.

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