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Amazon: a sneak peak in the future of eCommerce from overseas markets

12:00 30 minutes presentation
Eric Heller Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Amazon may come to the Netherlands for the first time but we already know much of what we need to know from looking abroad. In fact, Amazon has been following much the same plan for more than two decades and the companies that have figured out how to work with and alongside Amazon can move more quickly to steal share. Join Eric Heller, who shares his insights on how to work with (and against) the ecommerce giant.

Eric Heller

Eric Heller

Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Eric Heller has managed critical online marketing programs for Amazon, Redfin, Expedia and now leads the largest strategy consultancy for brands and sellers working with online marketplaces like Amazon. The company he founded, Marketplace Ignition has over 140 years of Amazon experience and has helped more than 400 brands manage their Amazon/Marketplace presence.

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