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Amazon: threat or opportunity? How to win on Amazon

14:00 30 minutes presentation
Helmut Rieder Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Amazon changed the world of Retail and the expectations of consumers. Amazon Services are permanently evolving and challenges B2B and B2C organisations everywhere, including the Netherlands. Much more than a simple sales channel, Amazon is a marketing channel and an advertising agency with multiple formats. Amazon expects you to understand how to convert consumer expectations into sales, by combining Marketing Know-how, big data analyses with sales and pricing strategy. Discover through to practical case studies how other organisations dealt with these challenges.

Helmut Rieder

Helmut Rieder

Wunderman Thompson Commerce

CEO of Wunderman Thompson Commerce Luxembourg, Mr.Helmut Rieder has over 25 years’ professional and entrepreneurial experience. During his career, he has occupied several leadership roles and specialises in European retail chains; e-commerce management; launching mass-market products and services; delineating product, sales and marketing strategies; and implementing sales channels, logistics and post-sales services.

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