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Hate it? Automate it!!

10:40 30 minutes presentation Stage 2
Nupur Vyas Rabobank

An insight into automation & innovation within Rabobank: The journey of the Robotics & AI team looking at its three streams of Robotics, Conversational AI & Machine Learning. Glancing through opportunities, struggles, challenges, successful cases and some improvement areas.

Nupur Vyas

Nupur Vyas


“I am Nupur Vyas from India: a Chartered Accountant and Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, leading the Robotics & AI team at Rabobank, Utrecht. From leading core banking projects in the finance domain to process efficiency projects and now automation, my journey is humbling and of continuous learning. I have been working towards building a bridge between innovative technology and business stakeholders, this gives me energy like none other.”

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