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How Daily Paper, Veloretti and Patagonia provide exceptional customer service

14:40 30 minutes presentation Stage 4
Neil Forrest GorgiasAnouk Steenbruggen Stone & Bridges

Anouk talks about the most important things you need to set up good customer service within an e-commerce organization, based on the experience she gained over the past 15 years at various, fast-growing organizations. She shares the best practices she has learned from her fast-growing clients such as Patagonia, Veloretti and Daily Paper. This talk answers questions such as: How do you translate your brand identity into customer contact? Which touch points are essential in a customer journey? And how do you ensure that the customer is served as well as possible? In short: questions that concern entrepreneurs every day in the field of customer service.

Neil Forrest

Neil Forrest


Neil Forrest is a Strategic Partner Manager at Gorgias. Prior to joining, Neil worked with Gorgias in his role as a Digital Consultant for ecommerce agencies to help deliver growth for DTC brands. Having worked across multiple ecommerce platforms, Neil found himself specialising in Shopify Plus and has launched his own ecommerce brand, Tartan Scarf Co to sustainably design and manufacture scarves in the Scottish Highlands.

Anouk Steenbruggen

Anouk Steenbruggen

Stone & Bridges

Anouk heeft veel snelgroeiende e-commerce bedrijven geholpen bij het opzetten van hun serviceafdeling en heeft leiding gegeven aan de service- en ervaringsdivisie van Bloomon, Patagonia, Filling Pieces en Daily Paper.

Anouk weet hoe ze ervoor kan zorgen dat jouw klanten de beste ervaring krijgen wanneer ze jouw webshop bezoeken, en ze zal je alles vertellen wat je moet weten om jouw klanten blij te maken.

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