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How E-Commerce Marketers can Deliver Improved Performance and Profitability

12:00 30 minutes presentation Stage 3
Richard Jones Wunder

E-commerce marketers are on the edge of a significant shift. Ad channels are becoming less effective, traditional SaaS technologies aren’t keeping up with needs, third-party cookies will soon be history, and budgets are getting slashed. The changing landscape means the pressure is on to invest in the right solutions and deliver profitability.

Richard Jones, CRO at Wunder, will highlight the biggest challenges CMOs currently face, how they’re allocating their budgets with new constraints, and what they can do to improve performance and drive revenue for their organizations.

Richard Jones

Richard Jones


Richard Jones is the CRO of Wunder, where he oversees a global team responsible for marketing, sales, customer success, and expansion. With more than 20 years of experience in tech, Jones was previously the CMO at Cheetah Digital, CEO & Co-founder of EngageSciences, and CEO of Wayin.

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