E-Commerce Live

How (not) to fuck up your Commerce Project

16:00 30 minutes presentation
Boris Lokschin Spryker Systems

In today’s e-commerce world the combination of modern technology and tools, the right orgchart and methodologies are crucial for digital success. But how to unleash the potential of agile methodologies best? What does it really take to build a true MVP and achieve digital best practices like trial-and-error, fast time-to-market or short ROIs? Boris Lokschin is a brilliant mind and experienced digital entrepreneur who is going to share his extensive knowledge and best practices to help navigate the audience through the buzzword bingo of cloud, headless, API-first, mobile, modular, voice, IoT to come up with a viable digital strategy that pays off.

Boris Lokschin

Boris Lokschin

Spryker Systems

Boris Lokschin is CEO of Spryker Systems. He oversees the strategic development of the company and its core product – the Spryker Commerce OS. Prior to Spryker, Boris founded companies in the digital industry, such as Symmetrics and became a member of the e-commerce board of global operating agency group CGI, where he led a strong team across international locations and supported 100+ European e-commerce projects including Zalando, Mars, Tengelmann and Planet Sports. As an e-commerce expert Boris is a frequent speaker and shares his insights at industry events.

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