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Innovation in customer. Journeys and user behavior

11:20 30 minutes presentation Stage 6
Jie Xue Worldline

In this talk we look into the future, seeing how current trends shape tomorrow’s payment experience. Focus will be on user centric innovation, that helps merchants use payment to innovate their shopping journey, covering topics such as social commerce, chat and voice based payments, bio/behaviometrics and the metaverse.

Jie Xue

Jie Xue


As a Product Innovations Manager at Worldline, Jie focuses on understanding emerging trends and innovations that are valuable to our merchants’ business (beyond payments). Together with the Solutions & Innovation team, she defines solutions to help merchants address these opportunities through innovative product offerings and partnerships. Prior to Worldline, Jie has worked in startup space in both Europe and China. She shares a passion for technology and emerging markets.

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