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Integrated thinking to drive inside-out innovation

16:00 30 minutes presentation Stage 6
Aruna Narandran Emakina

An organisation is a living creature, made of interconnected functions – each pushing and pulling on the other – working together to realise a vision and overall potential. Understanding the pressure points and latent opportunities within this ecosystem is critical to generating new value and staying ahead of competition long-term. Aruna shares an insider-scoop on how to achieve sustainable growth through integrated thinking.

Aruna Narandran

Aruna Narandran


Aruna Narandran is Head of Business Design at Emakina.NL, an EPAM company. She is passionate about taking a holistic view of organisations, using design thinking methods to understand nuanced challenges and define opportunity spaces where clients can play to win. She’s led digital transformation programmes around the world, designing and building products, platforms are services that make a real impact for businesses and their customers.

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