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Last Mile delivery reshaping the customer experience

16:40 30 minutes presentation Stage 6
Erica Verzelen bpost

Over the last few months, there has been a rapid increase in e-commerce, and it is predicted that it might become bigger than physical retail in the next coming years. This growing trend in e-commerce has also challenged the last-mile delivery – which has become one of the most crucial aspects of the shopping experience. Discover through this session the delivery trends and how bpost is handling them, to offer a seamless journey.

Erica Verzelen

Erica Verzelen


Erica joined bpost 11 years ago. After taking over several projects, she built the Customer Experience program and then evolved as the director of the parcel E2E Customer journey’s/experience team. Her mission: ensure the best customer journey rewarded with the highest NPS on the market, enabling self-servicing and digitalization while decreasing the general cost of doing business.

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