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Owning, Accessing, Surviving – A Data Driven Outlook on the Future

14:00 30 minutes Stage 6
Volker Schmidt Productsup

This session will explore the future of commerce and how the world has rapidly changed around your business without you realizing it. Today’s ecosystem of constant notification and instant gratification is increasingly driven by AI and machine learning – but what does the future hold? Come and learn what you need to capture new market opportunities as they happen and survive the next 20 years.

Volker Schmidt

Volker Schmidt


Volker Schmidt is Chief Revenue Officer at Productsup. With more than 800+ global customers exchanging more than 300 billion products a month over 20,000 sites and 1,500 channels across the Productsup network, Volker ensures enterprises are educated on the importance of product feed management and optimisation for increased performance. He has a great deal of experience in how businesses drive revenue through data processes and a wealth of expertise in financial forecast creation and product management. Prior to Productsup, Volker managed the Sales departments of Myprinting and HiClip. Aside from his professional profile, Volker is a passionate golfer.

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