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Retention starts with hello – 5 steps to optimize the post purchase experience

minutes presentation
Gavin Laugenie dotdigital

This webinar will guide you through the post-purchase phase, providing action points on how to smash aftersales, by strategizing your communications.

The effort of retaining a customer should be a top priority for every business; and brands must act now or lose their competitive edge. The prime time to connect with customers is after they place an order with you. Transactional messages and aftersales content are your most relevant and engaging comms.
The 5 steps are:
Step 1 – Capture valuable data
Step 2 – Get feedback
Step 3 – Make them more than just customers
Step 4 – Surprise and delight
Step 5 – Make recommendations

Gavin Laugenie

Gavin Laugenie


Gavin is a veteran of over 15 years in the email marketing industry and heads up dotdigitals thought leadership team. He’s a keen blogger, speaker, and sits on the DMA email council. He’s worked closely with organizations in B2B, B2C & NFP across Europe and the US, helping them to build their email programmes to drive increased customer experience, lifetime value, loyalty and ultimately return on investment.