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Supercharging E-commerce with Experimentation

16:40 30 minutes presentation Stage 5
Dayve Talbot Optimizely

Embedding experimentation practices through your business has proven to increase your consumer experience, decision-making, and bottom line. Whether you’re looking to create simple journey optimisations, make informed decisions about where to deploy precious engineering resources, or maximise revenue through promotional periods – discover how experimentation can supercharge your platform. Weaving best practices and use-cases from the world’s biggest brands and most accomplished experimenters – this talk will inspire you to get started or take your experimentation program to the next level.

Dayve Talbot

Dayve Talbot


I’m a results-driven strategist, with experience driving business growth for the world’s biggest brands through data-driven optimization and experimentation. As a Senior Strategy Consultant at Optimizely, I work with a breadth of customers across EMEA to set up powerful experimentation programs that deliver maximum business value. 

Senior Strategy Consultant • Experimentation Services

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