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The next generation of product discovery at Intergamma

14:00 30 minutes presentation Stage 7
Bart Kooijman Intergamma

Being able to optimize the omnichannel journey is critical for brick and mortar retailers. Intergamma, the organisation behind DIY stores Gamma and Karwei, has been developing a more customer centric omnichannel strategy. Hear from Bart Kooijman, Senior Ecommerce Engineer, on how they are creating the next generation of product discovery.

Bart Kooijman

Bart Kooijman


Bart Kooijman is passionate about new technologies that transform commerce experiences. Bart is currently a Senior Ecommerce Engineer at Intergamma where he focuses on software development to transform the customer journey. He has more than 20 years of experience in software development and is also currently a management consultant for Capgemini.

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