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Transforming your business model with a marketplace: A deep dive into the B2B marketplace strategy of Hygos

14:00 30 minutes presentation Stage 6
Jeroen Dries MiraklRoel Schreurs IMMX

Global eCommerce sales grew 12% in 2021, but enterprise marketplaces grew even faster, achieving same-site sales growth of 25%. After a record 2020 this shows that marketplaces are not a temporary trend, but rather a fundamental shift in the ways consumers shop. 

During this session we will dive into the reasons for this success and show how leading retailers can embrace the marketplace business model to boost their growth.

Jeroen Dries

Jeroen Dries


Since joining Mirakl in January 2021, Jeroen has been involved in major marketplace projects in the Netherlands, supporting market leaders of both B2B and retail industries in becoming marketplace operators. He also co-hosts the Dutch Expert Group “Marketplaces: starting your own platform” since 2021.

Roel Schreurs

Roel Schreurs


Roel has been responsible for the development of the Hygos e-commerce strategy since 2020. Together with Mirakl, Hygos is currently developing a B2B Marketplace.

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