E-Commerce Live

Understanding European consumers’ expectations about search & innovations on e-commerce websites

10:40 30 minutes presentation Stage 6
Stéphane Vendramini Sensefuel

What innovations do consumers really expect when they search for products on an e-commerce site?  Hyper-personalised experiences? Detection of their buying intent through AI? Voice search?… We asked more than 1000 consumers on their habits, and the experiences they expect when searching for products to buy. We gathered the data. And we’ll exclusively reveal it during E-commerce Live. 30 min full of insights. Not to be missed!

Stéphane Vendramini

Stéphane Vendramini


Digital commerce expert, Stéphane has spent his whole career in the retail and e-commerce industry. His professional life began in large consulting firms helping European retailers to embrace digital transformation. For more than 20 years, as a service provider or software strategist, he focused on bringing business performance to the retail industry through his innovative technical and sales vision.

He founded Sensefuel in 2017, with one goal: to help retailers perform online by turning every e-commerce visit into a personal shopping experience. Today, over 100 brands and retailers across Europe are delivering hyper individualised product searches to their consumers using Sensefuel’s technologies.

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