E-Commerce Live

Marcel Peters


After studies at Eindhoven University of Technology Marcel went to search for Impact. At the Utility RWE he became responsible for Smart Energy B2C Solutions. Inspired by Internet of Things, Mobile Customer Engagement and Circular Economy in 2014 he decided to bring the ultimatie impact business model to live. Because his kids (age 1, 4 & 7) and their kids also should have access to our natural resources! Bundles – Subscriptions for the future of our planet!

Closing loops is possible. Closing loops is economically viable. Closing loops makes the world a better place. We knew it 40 years ago, but what kept us from closing them? It was the business model we’re used to: buy, use, dispose. At Bundles we close the gap in the loop that appears when materials change owner. Paying for performance of materials or products instead of owning them makes sure that people with knowledge of the materials are incentivized to exploit them instead of sell them. Bundles technology helps to gather information during the ‘in-use’ periods of products to be able to offer them in an awesome subscription that competes with linear alternatives. We collect data, enrich it to information and apply the information in service propositions that are better because the information enables a collaborative economic business model.