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Generate profits through smart promotions and loyalty incentives

13:40 25 minutes roundtable Roundtable 13
Sam Panzer Talon.One

With an average discount of eighteen percent, promotions are the biggest impact marketers can have on the profit and loss account.

What strategies can you use to get better results with less spend, through personalization, loyalty marketing or incentive design? What specific experiments can you perform and what data do you need?

Join this roundtable to discuss a better way with a promotion and loyalty expert and your colleagues.

Sam Panzer

Sam Panzer


Sam Panzer leidt de loyaliteitsstrategie bij Talon.One en helpt merken het zakelijke potentieel van investeringen in headless loyaliteitstechnologie te beoordelen. Sam werkt al vijf jaar bij Talon.One en ondersteunt merken als Adidas, REI, River Island, Live Nation en Burger King om hun promotie-uitgaven te optimaliseren en ervaringen te ontwikkelen die herhalingsaankopen stimuleren.

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